• My boss asked me to _______ a recent project once he realized that it was doomed for failure and that we should not continue it. *

    This man has a/an _______ growth in his stomach; it could be cancer. *

    The ship set sail with more than three hundred passengers _______ . *

    The manager was angry about Jane’s unexplained _______ from work today. *

    Jim’s holiday in Bali was a/an _______ disaster; nothing went right for him there. *

    My father was ______ thrilled when he found out that he had won the lottery. *

    You put too much water on my plants! The soil can't __________ it all! *

    There is a lot of __________ art to be seen in this modern art museum. *

    Judging by the bruises on her arms and legs, the child may have been ______ by her parents. *

    Mr. Johnson has left the company to pursue _______ interests. *

    This police _______ produces the finest police officers in the country. *

    Many of these students speak English with a strong Spanish _______. *

    John’s teacher told him that his behaviour in class was not_______ . *

    Of course, the belief that the world is flat isn’t a/an _______ one. *

    It’s scary to think that the government has __________ to so much personal information about me. *

    I really didn’t mean to stand on your foot; it was purely_______. *

    It’s hard to believe that this small house once _______ ten people. *

    We need to find somewhere to stay; is there any_______ in this area? *

    Since he had nothing else to do, John _______ his sister to the concert. *

    I believe that if you try hard enough, you can_______ almost anything. *

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